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Cover photo for Deer Resistant Plants

Deer Resistant Plants

For more information on deer-resistant plants, please see the link below. DEER RESISTANT PLANTS – Recommended for Southeastern NC …

Cover photo for Native Plant:  Wood Anemone

Native Plant: Wood Anemone

By: Aimee Jarrels, Extension Master Gardener℠ Volunteer in Pender County Native plants are those which can naturally be found and …

Cover photo for Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic Gardening

By: Aimee Jarrels, Extension Master Gardener Volunteer in Pender County Hydroponics gardening has recently become popular because of urbanization, climate …

Cover photo for Winter Beauty

Winter Beauty

By: Aimee Jarrels, Extension Master Gardener℠ Volunteer in Pender County During the winter season, we rarely see many flowers. Many …

Cover photo for What to Plant When

What to Plant When

By: Aimee Jarrels, Extension Master Gardener℠ Volunteer in Pender County A lot of people want to get into gardening. While …

Cover photo for Christmas Ferns - More Than Decoration

Christmas Ferns - More Than Decoration

Written by: Aimee Jarrels, Extension Master Gardener℠ Volunteer in Pender County Polystichum Acrostichoides, commonly known as Christmas Ferns, from the …

Center Update: Ground Pearl Control

Evaluation Pesticide Applications to Ground Pearls ( Margarodes spp.) in Centipedegrass PI: Matthew Martin Introduction The ground pearl (Margarodes spp.), is a …

pythium isolates

Center Update: Pythium Root Rot

Biology and Management of Pythium Root Rot in Golf Course Putting Greens PI: Jim Kerns; Student: Halle Hampy Introduction Creeping bentgrass, annual …

irrigation layout

Center Update: Testing Drought Tolerance

Evaluation Of Drought-Tolerant Warm-Season Turfgrass Response To Water-Saving Irrigation Scheduling Methods PI: Chadi Sayde; Student: Ryan Ackett Introduction With increased urban demand …

Center Update: Pesticide Phytoremediation

Evaluation of Various Riparian, Aquatic, And Wetland Species For Phytoremediation Of Pesticides PI: Fred Yelverton; Student: Alayne McKnight Synthetic pesticides are …

Pogo Fig 1

Center Update: Turfgrass Water Use

Improving Water Use by Turfgrasses: Identifying and Overcoming Physiological and Physical Hurdles PI: Thomas Rufty; Student: Matthew Taggart Introduction This project …

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Recent Publications related to Lawn & Garden

Insect Control

This publication covers insect control in a variety of crops, as well as household pests.

13 hours ago
Figure 1. Sample lawn care contract.

Tips on Writing Turf Contracts and Landscape Specifications

Maintenance contracts for turfgrass areas should be written to provide security for all parties involved. …

2 weeks ago

Selecting a Lawn Maintenance Service

This publication will help you choose the correct type of lawn maintenance service for your …

2 weeks ago

Homeowner’s Guide to Managing Diseases Using Fungicides, Bactericides, and Alternative Products

This publication provides homeowners with recommended chemical control options to use in combination with an …

2 weeks ago
Preparing the land.

Site Preparation

This publication, chapter 5 of Collard Greens and Common Ground: A North Carolina Community Food …

2 weeks ago
Color photo of red-flowering plant with browned, wilted foliage

Phytophthora Root and Crown Rot in the Landscape

Many ornamental crop species (including trees, shrubs, and bedding plants) are susceptible to diseases caused …

Figure 1. Southwest damage on an Asian pear trunk

North Carolina Production Guide for Smaller Orchard Plantings

North Carolina’s climate and soils are well suited to grow many types tree fruits. This …


Diseases of Cool-Season Grasses

This guide is designed to help identify the most troublesome diseases associated with cool-season turfgrasses. …