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Cover photo for Relief Funds for Farmers

Relief Funds for Farmers

​ Carolina Farm Stewardship Association posted an article about COVID-19 Relief Funds Available to Farmers Starting April 3. Click …

Sod Production in Pender County

Pender County has a very diverse agriculture and horticulture industry. Corn and soybean farmers manage about 32,000 acres annually …

Vegetable Basket

Vegetable Gardening 101

Summary: Pick a sunny site, incorporate compost, select vegetable varieties that will thrive in the season, plant according to …


Tomato Growing Primer

Soil temperatures have warmed to above 60 degrees in our region and a late frost is highly unlikely, which …

Cover photo for What Is Eating My Tomato Plant?

What Is Eating My Tomato Plant?

Are leaves suddenly disappearing from your tomato plant? Take a closer look. Your plant is probably being attacked by …

Concentric cracking of tomato fruit

What Causes Tomatoes to Crack?

Growing tomatoes in the coastal South is always a gamble. Throughout the summer you play the odds against insects, …

Cover photo for Why Are My Tomatoes Dying?

Why Are My Tomatoes Dying?

Since the mid 90’s, tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) has become one of the most serious diseases of tomatoes …


The Tomato Challenge

If you have had little success with tomatoes, don’t take it personally. Tomatoes are tough to grow in the …

Iron chlorosis on hydrangea caused by high soil pH

How Soil Testing Can Help You

Excessive summer rain has removed many nutrients from soils in southeastern NC. Symptoms of nutrient deficiency include stunted growth, …

Soil pH - a Matter of Balance

Written by: Charlotte Glen, Horticulture Agent Do you know the pH of your soil? There is a good chance it …

Cover photo for Why Are My Squash Rotting?

Why Are My Squash Rotting?

Are the lower ends of your squash turning brown and failing to develop properly? These are the symptoms of …

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Appendix G. Permaculture Design

This Permaculture Appendix from the Extension Gardener Handbook will explain the benefits of and strategies …

3 days ago
Anvil pruners and bypass pruners

Tools to Make the Cut

This second in a series on pruning offers tips on selecting the right tool for …

4 days agoPruning Trees & Shrubs
A stem failed on this maple due to bad form.

Before the Cut

This first of four publications in the Pruning Trees & Shrubs series introduces basic pruning …

4 days agoPruning Trees & Shrubs
Photo of asparagus growing


This series of publications provides information about how to grow, harvest, and prepare a variety …

1 week agoGrow It, Eat It

Zoysiagrass Lawn Maintenance Calendar

This publication for homeowners and landscapers describes how to mow, fertilize, irrigate, and control weeds …

Photo of Stem Blight of Blueberry.

Stem Blight of Blueberry

This Fruit Disease Information factsheet discusses blueberry stem blight, the primary disease limiting establishment of …

Photo of dieback symptoms of twig blight of blueberry.

Twig Blight of Blueberry

This Fruit Disease Information factsheet describes twig blight, a fungal disease that causes dieback in …


15. Tree Fruit and Nuts

This Tree Fruit and Nuts chapter from the Extension Gardener Handbook explains how to select, …