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Pruning a Crape Myrtle


Unpruned Crape Myrtle

This crape myrtle has not been pruned in years. It has many crossing branches and too many stems.

What was removed

Crossing branch

Crossing branches were removed first.

Small twigs

Small twiggy stems on the lower branches were  removed to give the tree a neater appearance.

Crape myrtle branches

All of this was pruned out of one tree.

Pruning tools

Hand pruners and a pruning saw were the only tools used.


Tree after pruning

Here is the tree after pruning. Crossing and inward growing branches have been removed. This helps open the center of the tree, giving the tree a more pleasing appearance.

Before and After

Here is a comparison of the branching structure of the tree before and after pruning:

Unpruned crape myrtle


After pruning


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