Winter Beauty

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By: Aimee Jarrels, Extension Master Gardener℠ Volunteer in Pender County


During the winter season, we rarely see many flowers. Many plants cannot endure the cold weather and pollinators are more active during warmer months of the year. However, there are flowering plants that survive and can tolerate below zero temperature. Among them is Winter Beauty.

Clematis Urophylla, or commonly knowns as Clematis Winter Beauty, is a species from South-Western China. It is from the Subgenus Campanella and from the family of Ranunculaceae. It is a climbing evergreen plant with compact leaves. It is characterized by its nodding bell-shaped of pure white and waxy texture flowers.

This plant is best planted in spring and autumn, but a full-grown plant can be planted anytime in a free-draining gritty soil that doesn’t dry out. To ensure growth, first plant in a pot before transferring to the ground. This plant can likewise be placed in big pots inside greenhouses and conservatories.

These beautiful flowers usually bloom from November to March. They bloom in the winter season, which feels like flowers are blooming all year-round and add life to the dull cold season. This has made these flowers popular because of their adaptability. It has been proven to be resistant to the weather during the winter months, but just like most plants, they prefer to be in a sunny position and against strong winds. While this plant can withstand the cold season, it still requires care as the leaves may suffer from fungal diseases when it becomes too wet.