What to Plant When

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By:  Aimee Jarrels, Extension Master Gardener℠ Volunteer in Pender County

 Plant Hardiness Zone map

A lot of people want to get into gardening. While some are naturally gifted gardeners, there are those who, after not succeeding on the first try, get discouraged easily and make the excuse that they simply are not green-thumbed. However, some of the reasons we fail are not rocket science. There are many different levels of growing experience. Maybe the plants we choose are not growing at the best time of the year. It is essential to know when to start growing which plants to obtain the optimal result.

Know your location. Where you are located is essential. Different states experience a different drop in temperature, which is crucial in planting. Most plants cannot endure the freezing weather during wintertime. We belong to zone 8A where freezing is less common than other areas, which means a much different variety of annual plants that can be planted.

Know which plants to plant. Knowing when annual plants grow best gives them a higher chance of surviving and higher productivity. Each plant is unique and has different adaptability. The plant’s hardiness should be considered since some plants are not equipped to withstand harsh weather and sudden shift in temperature.

Planting Calendars can help address these problems. Planting Calendars are useful guides in determining when to start growing the seeds of varieties of plants and when to transfer them. It basically guides gardeners on each plant’s time frame of the best time to plant until its harvest.

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