4-H Favorite Foods Contest

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The 4-H Favorite Foods Contest is a contest in which youth prepare a favorite food, plan a nutritionally balanced menu, prepare a table setting, and present it to a judge. Their menu should include all food groups (found at choosemyplate.gov). They need to make a “favorite food” and include a recipe card. Their food should be eye-catching, creative, have good flavor, be nutritious, easy to prepare, and holds up once it is prepared. Youth should be prepared to present to a judge by explaining their menu and food choices, explaining how their food was made, have the judge taste the food, and then be prepared to answer the judge’s questions on menuplanning, nutrients in the favorite food, and how to properly set a table.

If you would like more information on this contest or have any questions, please contact Liz Peterson at 910-259-1235 or liz_peterson@ncsu.edu

Fav Foods PPT

4H Favorite Food Show Rules